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The Legal Studies Institute of Finance and Taxation

Welcome to the Legal Studies Institute of Finance and Taxation at the University of Osnabrück! It was founded in 1986 by Prof. Dr. em. Jörg Manfred Mössner. In summer 2006 Prof. Dr. jur. Heike Jochum, Mag. rer. publ., became the institute's director. Since 2011 Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Steffen Lampert is joining us. He is specialised in International Tax issues.

Still particular attention is drawn to the expansion of the Institute's comprehensive tax library and its digital media, which is generously supported by tax consultants, auditors and regional companies as well as representatives of fiscal courts and the fiscal authorities. This cooperation was strengthened by establishing the Osnabrücker Steuerforum more than 20 years ago. The association encourages research and teachings into taxes on a sustained basis. The Osnabrücker Steuerforum nowadays has about 200 members enduringly supporting the institute. 

Early in the nineties the worldwide first postgraduate masterprogramm on tax law (LL.M. Taxation) was initiated. Meanwhile more than 800 students finished the LL.M. program. The alumni joined the taxOS e.V. network. If you are interested in our LL.M. program, please note that lectures and materials are in German. That is why it was abstained from translating the whole page.

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